Our goal at Arbyl is to help international students travelling to the US for higher education prepare for the challenging academic and cultural situations that inhibit students from getting the most out of their experience.

We connect our students with native speakers from Ivy League and other top tier US institutions who provide a live customized learning experience which focuses on helping each of our students achieve his/her goals.

Travis Granger

Travis has extensive work experience in market research/consulting and online education. He has extensive online teaching experience and has taught English in Mexico, Bolivia, Spain and China. Travis graduated Bates College in 2004 and received his MBA from a top tier program in the United States.

Parth Patil

Parth has over nine years of experience working as a software engineer and software architect. He has worked as a senior software engineer at several technology firms in Silicon Valley. Over the course of his career, Parth has built and implemented several complex software products from the ground up.