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Congratulations on being admitted to a top tier US university! The work (and fun) has really just begun! At Arbyl, we’re dedicated to helping you prepare for your US social, academic, and professional experience.

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Practice your conversational English with a live coach while learning more about different cultural, academic, and career scenarios.


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Learn About Our Session Topics

Please click through and read the list of available session topics below. We have designed these topic areas after doing extensive research on the situations or areas in which international students have difficulty. If you have additional questions about these topics or suggestions for additional session topics, feel free to submit those to us at

  • Intro to the US Classroom

    The structure / protocols of the US classroom are potentially very different from your experience in your home country. Did you know that what’s referred to as ‘Class Participation’ can count for as much as 20% of your final grade?

    In this session your coach will introduce you to the dynamics of the US classroom and provide a few suggestions (and tricks!) to ensure you get the maximum score for class participation. You don’t want to be one of the many international students who ace their exams but end up with a B in the class because they didn't participate!

  • Overview of Networking in the US

    If you have any aspirations of working in the US post-graduation, you will need a firm grasp on how networking works in America. Regardless of the industry, networking has a major impact on your chances of successfully obtaining a spot on a company’s interview ‘closed list’. Unfortunately for international students, there are a lot of cultural nuances involved in this process and far too often students make mistakes that hurt their candidacy.

    Your coach will help you prepare for this stressful environment in this session. He/she will provide an overview of the process, will expose common mistakes made by international students, and will help you practice your 1 and 2.5 minute personal pitches so that you’re ready to make the right impression when interacting with employers.

  • Mock Coffee Chat

    What are commonly referred to as ‘coffee chats’ are a pivotal part of the formal MBA recruiting process across all industries. While this is technically an informal opportunity for potential employers to meet applicants, it’s important to understand the employers’ expectations from these experiences.

    In this session your coach will provide you with an overview of the process, what to expect, as well as goals and strategies to employ. During the latter half of the coaching session you will have the opportunity to have a mock coffee chat with your coach to start practicing in what many students find to be a very challenging situation.

  • Discuss Current Events

    In the US, professors, recruiters, and classmates expect international students to be aware of hot topics in the US business world. Whether you’re at a company networking reception or in class – international students should be able to converse with native speakers on various business and cultural topics specific to the United States. You will receive an article on one of the two ‘trendy’ and/or controversial topics featured below and be expected to arrive ready to have a topical discussion on one of the following:

    Unionization of the NU Football team: Why would a group of university student athletes try to unionize? Discuss one of the most widely debated topics in the US: should university athletes be paid to play sports?

    Rise of the Sharing Economy: peer-to-peer rental services like Uber and Airbnb are disrupting their respective industries, and incumbents are starting to fight back. Discuss how company lobbyists are preparing to try to shut down these services.